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-packed pasteurised potatoes

-packed pasteurised potatoes "PASTO"

PASTO range is the range of pasteurised potatoes by Euro5. Production and transformation are 100% made in France.

Vacuum-packed sterilised potatoes

Vacuum-packed sterilised potatoes "JOSY"

Produced, vaccum packed and sterilized in France, the potatoes range « JOSY »  are stored at room temperature.

Vacuum-packed pasteurised organic potatoes

Vacuum-packed pasteurised organic potatoes "PASTO Bio"

The range « PASTO BIO » proposes 100% France origin potatoes, pasteurized and certified from organic farming.

The perfect potatoe

everything starts with a careful selection

We deliver daily tasty, of high quality level and compliant with all legal requirements products.

A large choice is available : “parisienne », midlle size whole potatoes, slices, unpealed slices, cubes, quarters, unpealed quarters, unpealed whole potatoes (“robe des champs”), gratin dauphinois (slices and cream & eggs based sauce).

Organic PASTO range : potatoes from organic farming

Euro5 - Logo Agriculture Biologique

Since 2011, Euro5 offers an organic range to meet customer expectations in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. 

Our certification allows the use of the European “organic” logo and the AB brand.

From soils residues removal to expedition, through optical sorting of products

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